Beginning the Pilgramage



Doncaster man - Curt Langan of Rossington - left Doncaster on 11th March 2019 on a pilgramage to Santiago de Compostela in Northern Spain, travelling by cycle. Pilgrims from all over the world make this very popular pilgrimage each year and it was the subject of the Martin Sheen film, The Walk, about the adventures of four pilgrims who make the life-changing walk together.

The Walk refers to the route walked by St James the Apostle, a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ and the brother of St John, the writer of Johns Gospel. Curt Langan is heading for St James Church in Santiago and wanted to leave from St James Church in Doncaster and so we were pleased to oblige and send him off with a certificate from the Church and by being the first stage of his journey to stamp his Camino Passport. He will continue to get this stamped on every stage of his journey.

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