• Welcome to St.James at the Interchange in Doncaster
    If you're looking for a Church in the Doncaster Area then we'd love to see you next Sunday. Our Sunday Morning Service begins at 10.15 and you will be always assured of a warm welcome. The church is open much of the day on Monday morning from 9.30 am onwards so do feel free to call in and have a cup of coffee and a chat with us.

    We are fast becoming quite a cosmopolitan Church with individuals, families and asylum seekers from around the world finding their way to St.James and making it their home church. We won't let language or culture be a barrier to our worshipping together. What we all have in common is that we love the Lord Jesus Christ.

    We consider ourselves to be a family at St.James. We are also a Christian community seeking to do the work that the Lord Jesus Christ has given us to do here in Doncaster and with the same love and generosity that He demonstrated in his own life whilst here on earth.

    Do feel free to explore our website but if you would prefer to telephone us or email then the Contact Us section of our website provides a number of key contacts including myself and in the same section there is a Make An Enquiry Form that will enable you to write to us online and be assured of a prompt reply if that is how you would prefer to get in touch.
    Chris McCarthy,Vicar at St.James


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