• Welcome to St.James at the Interchange in Doncaster
    If you're looking for a Church in the Doncaster Area then we'd love to see you next Sunday. Our Sunday Morning Service begins at 10.15 and you will be always assured of a warm welcome. 

    We are fast becoming quite a cosmopolitan Church with individuals, families and asylum seekers from around the world finding their way to St.James and making it their home church. We won't let language or culture be a barrier to our worshipping together. What we all have in common is that we love the Lord Jesus Christ.

    We consider ourselves to be a family at St.James. We are also a Christian community seeking to do the work that the Lord Jesus Christ has given us to do here in Doncaster and with the same love and generosity that He demonstrated in his own life whilst here on earth.

    On Sunday 4th July 2021 at 10.15 am St James Church will hold its
    it's first Sunday Worship Service back in the church building.
    This service will also be live streamed on Zoom and Facebook and this additional arrangement 
    will continue for an indefinite period while ever visitors and members of the congregation
    are clinically vulnerable or unsure that it is safe for them to to return.
    Please note that government restrictions still apply including cleaning procedures,
    the wearing of masks, social distancing etc. and the provision of your contact details. 
    The St James Worship Group will perform music during the services bot the congregation is not yet allowed to take part in the singing due to the risk of aerosol spread of coronavirus.
    Online Services.
    During the period of church closure online meetings are held on Zoom and Facebook as described above. There is a short Morning Message starting 10.00am, Monday to Friday. On Sunday we hold a short Sunday Morning Service which commences at 10.15am. On Monday Evenings we hold our Parish Prayer Meeting which commences at 19.30pm and a Parish Bible Study on Wednesday at 19.30pm.
    Chris McCarthy,Vicar at St.James