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The Parish Blog was originally conceived as the Vicars Blog but then we thought why don't we call it the Parish Blog and get everyone involved. So come on, there's the open invite - get involved. Don't be put off if you're not a great writer - it need only be a few sentences, a couple of paragraphs. What can I write about? - well in principle anything ! It may have a spiritual dimension it may not, observations on life, a testimony (which are observations on your life), scripture that may have inspired your blog (the existing blogs give quite a few examples). You might be able to write something that encourages or inspires or makes us think but it can also be quite practical and ordinary. As I look around the congregation there is not a single person who hasn't got anything to give. The September Blog is just about to start so why not jump in - the water's lovely!

If you don't think you're up to going online and interacting with the website yourself then just pen (or pencil) a few thoughts and give it, text it, email it to myself or Stan Hatton and we will make sure it gets posted up there.

If on the other hand you are a Nerd you will already know that the word BLOG is a shortened form of WEB LOG just by removing WE out of WEB and sticking the B onto LOG = B+LOG or BLOG. However, if you took the WE out of CHURCH there wouldn't be many of us left ! Now that would make a good subject for a blog wouldn't it?

You will find that, if you decide to get into blogging on this website, you will quickly get into the habit of looking for subject matter with very little effort. You don't imagine that a newspaper reporter or journalist turns up for work not having a clue what they are going to produce that day. Their brains are already geared up to sniffing out a story or seeing the potential of turning the events or yesterday into a blog. You could keep a "bucket list" in the back of your diary of potential blogs that you would like to do. Quite a few of the blogs for July and August, by way of example, build on current events like the Rio Olympics.

Just a technical note if you were wondering. You can't write direct into the website thats visible online. Anyone editing the website has to have a modicum of basic training and then get into editing mode via a password. In the not too distant future we will have the internet and a large desk-top computer in the Church on which we can provide some basic training. Most edits and updates and the creation of new web pages are very basic processes and accessible to anyone who already uses a word processor. So if you are interested in learning more speak to either myself or Stan Hatton.

Chris McCarthy

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